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    • Qualification: BPT, MPT Ortho, MIAP, Doctor of Chiropractor
    • Experience: 16 years
    • Dwarka - Sarwar Healthcare Pvt Ltd
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    • Dr Sarwar physiotherapy & Rehabilitation center

      Dr. Gholam Sarwar. Sr. PHYSIOTHERAPIST IN DWARKA, Pocket 2, Sector 6 Dwarka, Dwarka, Delhi, India

      Fees : 1000

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    Based on 23 review(s)
    • daulat ram
      12, Sep 2022

      Good team work at clinic. A single physio is allocated to a particular patient and then he is responsible for all the treatment and exercises. Senior guys keep checking the progress in between. Even in peak hours other physio comes to help other physio. I went for my knee and back pain treatment. I did 2 weeks of package and pretty much happy with the progress. I was given manual therapy and electro therapy ,LASER treatment. I am satisfied with the results. I recommend to see them once for all in need of knee and back pain.

    • Hemant
      02, Sep 2022

      You can get a glimpse of world class physiotherapy techniques with modern equipments. And obviously the knowledge "Dr.Sarwar holds is extra-ordinary.

    • Faishal
      31, Aug 2022

      Excellent physiotherapist. Diagnosis of the issue is spot on and is very adept in her job. Gives adequate attention to every patient. Very well mannered and has a pleasing demeanor which makes the patient feel very comfortable.

    • Mr sunil
      30, Aug 2022

      I am really happy to meet Doctor Sarwar for my shoulder treatment. His very soft hand help me to recover very fast. He is very soft spoken and down to earth and very professional in treating his patients. When I visited his clinic for first time I felt that I am at the right place . I highly recommend Doctor Sarwar for any physiotherapy treatment.

    • Chander
      24, Aug 2022

      Experienced doctor and polite staff. One might find the service costly in here but physiotherapy is in demand these days .....and it is essential to recover from an injury via good therapy.

    • kapil Gehlot
      23, Aug 2022

      I went there in extreme pain and only after the 1st session, it was immediate relief. No procedure was a painful one but the way it was executed was indeed commendable. The hospitality is worth!

    • Anu arora
      22, Aug 2022

      Taking home physiotherapy for paralysis after brain surgery. Much Better Now, Doctor Mohit is doing a great job. We recommend him to everyone in need of physiotherapy or searching for physiotherapist in Dwarka

    • Gaurav Bhardwaj
      19, Aug 2022

      I am suffering from frozen shoulder. I had about eight session of physiotherapy at Dr ghola sarwar clinic . Feeling much better now the pain has also subsided. Doing exercise as recommended by the doctor.

    • Ayush kumar
      16, Aug 2022

      I had been suffering from back problem for the last 1.5 years and been to many places for treatment but my back problem remained same. Then I went to global physiotherapy to Dr gholam sarawr and finally my back problem has been resolved with his physiotherapy sessions and I am able to join gym again. Thanks

    • Vikram chadra
      13, Aug 2022

      Dr. Gholam Sarwar is a highly experienced physio who really focuses on treating the cause of pain. A thorough professional with ability to put patients at ease and listen and address their concerns.All the doctors i are extremely good n experienced. Thank you again.

    • Kamal bhutani
      12, Aug 2022

      At the very outset, I sincerely recommend Dr sarwar Physiotherapy Clinic which is located in Western Delhi, for all issues related to physiotherapy. Dr Sarwar who treats and cures the patients to the best of his ability and also to the best satisfaction of the patients, himself is a thorough gentleman and feels the pain and agony of the people who visit his clinic for treatment. Very humble, friendly, sincere and knowledgeable professional.

    • Avinash
      10, Aug 2022

      good doctor and nice place in physiotherapy

    • Vijay
      06, Aug 2022

      a month ago Dr. Gholam Sarwar has really helped in assisting me with my back issues through her great physio sessions. I went for physio sessions she recommended and for sure can say that I am feeling bit relieved of my back ache and with guidance on stretches and regular exercises, I am sure I'll be just fine soon. Thank you.

    • Akhil
      05, Aug 2022

      I have been struggling with a back injury since about 4 months now and I met a lot of physios on the way but no one could give me the correct diagnosis. I was then recommended to meet Dr Gholam Sarawr that was the best decision we took. When I went to him for the first time he took my entire history and examined me thoroughly. My case was also handled in a very scientific way and he guided me with what mobility and stability exercises I should do which will help me recover soon. I highly recommend him to everyone.

    • sunny chopra
      04, Aug 2022

      Dr. Sarwar is the best doctor as per physiotherapy is considered. His techniques and methods are different and thus has helped me to overcome my pain of back. For this i rate his services a complete 10/10.?

    • Kiranjot
      03, Aug 2022

      I have been visiting the clinic since last two years and my experience has been absolutely wonderful. Dr. Gholam Sarwar has profound knowledge in his field and treat patients with full dedication and patience. I have undergone a treatment for my neck and back pain. I got instant relief just after two to three sessions of dry needling. So, I would recommend everyone to visit the clinic for any kind of physiotherapy treatment. I hope the doctor would maintain this level of hard work in the treatment of his patients

    • Manbhawan
      02, Aug 2022

      I'd always heard good things about Chiropractic treatment but never thought that it would be this effective. I had hurt my back during a cricket match on Saturday and it was really difficult to even stand let alone moving or bending. Without wasting any time, I visited sarwarpro clinic and the Dr. Gholam Sarwar worked his magic and was able to fix my lower back alignment after careful checkup and by Monday I was back to my normal life which is nothing sort of any miracle. I am really thankful to sarwarpro Clinic and highly recommend the clinic.

    • Mr sunil
      01, Aug 2022

      I am giving ongoing review, i have been getting physiotherapy here from last 30 days. I had been suffering in deep pain from sciatica for last 2-3 months. I had slip disc in feb22 and then the nerve getting compressed and my situation went really bad. I am getting attended by Physiotherapist here Dr Gholam Sarwar. he is brilliant in her profession, really taking great care of me and full of positive energy. I feel really great that my case got in the right hands. I did meet Dr Gholam Sarwar when my treatment got started by Dr Padam They both explained me everything about the course of treatment in detail and i am really overwhelmed with their expertise and professionalism. I did get physio done here 3 times by Dr Gholam, he is definitely incredible aswell. I really thank the whole team here i think they have decent team of therapists here. In short- I definitely recommend this physio clinic for the people who need assistance with their issues and special thanks to Dr Gholam Sarwar. Huge shoutout to her. Thanks a to sir , i really feel blessed that i get treated by you. Wish u a great success in the future

    • 01, Aug 2022

      Got frozen shoulder...felt great benifit by physiotherapy at the clinic. Highly appreciate the staff especially the skills of Dr Gholam Sarwar The range improved miraculously in few days. Thanks! Looking forward for further improvement.

    • kapil Gehlot
      30, Jul 2022

      I visited Dr gholam sarwar for the first time in june for post operative physio when i was unable to manage doctor recommended exercises and the decision proved right and in time he listened patiently helped fine tune the diagnosis and explained reasons related to pain and put together a physio routine that really worked for pain management as well as gaining limb mobility he has an excellent te as well and between days. They did a good job too and paced ot such that i made progress without it being too discomforting. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

    • Harshna
      19, Jul 2022

      I had a fracture in my left ankle due to which I couldn't move my ankle properly which creates difficulty in walking and running for a few months. So i took a 20 day session in pain free physiotherapy clinic . Dr physiotherapist practicing in this clinic, suggests me some exercises along with the therapy they have provided really helped me in proper movement of my ankle. I was completely satisfied ( still exercising ). The staff including the doctor are very helpful and friendly.

    • gaurav
      18, Jul 2022

      Had severe pain in my spinal cord. Took so many therapies from other physiotherapists but haven't got any results. Thanks to Dr. Sarwar, I feel more powered now.

    • patient gaurav
      29, May 2021

      Very Good Doctor!!

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