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USG Breast After Mammogaphy

 What is the reason I should have an ultrasound screening for my breasts after mammogram?

 If needed, breast ultrasounds usually take place in conjunction in conjunction with mammograms. When combined with breast radiologists, they can help them (also called your doctor) to get a better reading for women who have breasts that are dense. 

 Why would I require an ultrasound for my breast? 

 A breast ultrasound is commonly used to determine whether an issue discovered in a mammogram, or an examination of the breast could be a cyst that is filled with liquid or a tumor that is solid. A breast ultrasound is not typically performed to determine if there is breast cancer. 

 If someone is greater amounts of glandular or fibrous tissue, doctors may consider their breasts to be dense. The dense breast tissue could make it difficult to interpret mammograms.

If the radiologist is having trouble in reading your mammogram due the dense breasts they might request additional tests, like an ultrasound or MRI. 

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