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TMT Test

TMT, also known as TMT or Exercise Stress Test - performed using VEGA 201 from RMS SystemTMT test can also be referred to as the Exercise Stress Test.

Computerized Stress Test or simply Stress test. This is the most famous and widely used test for patients with heart disease to gauge the severity of heart condition.

It is performed at intervals. In addition, it can reveal the improvement or decline of the patient's angina.

TMT is used to evaluate patients who suffer from chest pains, their prognosis and degree of the disease, screening for latent CAD, assessment of therapy. Early detection of hypertension that is labile.

Evaluation of patients suffering from CHF, Arrhythmias, CHD, and Valvular function and treatment and functional capacity.

The Precautions and Preparation For TMT Test

  • 3-4 hours of fasting is recommended.

  • Prior consent from the patient is required before conducting the test.

  • BP that the patient has is checked before carrying out the examination.

  • To perform a TMT exam, male patients' chests should be thoroughly shaved.

  • It is recommended to wear loose clothing and a dress to conduct TMT Investigation. TMT Investigation.

  • One person is required for the TMT test.


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