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There isn't a simple screening method to detect these cancers earlier. They are extremely difficult to detect and require complicated treatments.

Because cancers aren't prevalent, and the tests require specialists and procedures, no one from the American Cancer Society nor any other organization recommends screening for these types of cancer.

Speak to your doctor If you experience these signs (as explained within the "Symptoms" section). "Symptoms" Section). Many of these symptoms could be caused by other cancers or benign, less serious (non-cancerous) issues.

One may have to see an ear, nose, and throat (E.N.T.) specialist for a complete assessment. These specialists are also known as otolaryngologists and head and neck surgeons.

The specialist will also examine the hypopharynx and the larynx (known by the term laryngoscopy). It is done in two methods:

Direct (flexible) laryngoscopy

The doctor inserts a fiber-optic laryngoscope for this exam - a thin, flexible, lighted tube - through the mouth or nose to look at the larynx and nearby areas.

Laryngoscopy indirect:

In this test, the doctor uses small mirrors that allow him to see the larynx and other areas.

Both kinds of tests are available at the doctor's office. In either case, the doctor can spray your throat with numbing medication to make the examination more comfortable.

A few tests and exams that could be beneficial are listed in the following sections:

Physical and medical history exam:

The first step of any medical exam is to ask your doctor about your symptoms and risk factors, family history, and any other medical issues. Next, a thorough physical examination will reveal any indications of cancer or other illnesses. Particularly, your physician will be paying close attention to your neck and head and look for any abnormalities within your mouth or throat as well as the growth of lymph nodes that are located in your neck.


Panendoscopy is a method that combines laryngoscopy with esophagoscopy along with (at times) bronchoscopy. This allows the doctor to thoroughly look at the entire area surrounding the hypopharynx and the larynx, including the esophagus, trachea, and the (windpipe).

Lab tests test blood samples or urine as well as other body fluids. Other tests could be performed as part of a routine check-up if a patient has been diagnosed with hypopharyngeal or laryngeal cancer. These tests do not serve to identify cancer. However, they can be used to determine if a patient is healthy enough to receive different treatments, like chemotherapy or surgery.

Chest x-ray

A chest x-ray could be performed to determine whether hypopharyngeal or laryngeal cancers have developed into lung cancer.

C.T. (or C.A.T.) scan is a set of precise images of regions within the neck and head created by a computer and linked by an x-ray machine.

Magnetic resonance imaging (or M.R.I.) uses an extremely powerful magnet connected to a computer that creates precise images of the areas within the neck and head. M.R.I. scans use powerful magnets and radio waves instead of x-rays.

P.E.T. scan uses sugar modified in a specific manner to be absorbed by cancer cells. As a result, it appears as a dark spot in the image.

A biopsy is a process of removing tissue. A pathologist examines the tissue with the microscope to arrive at an assessment. The biopsy procedure is the only method of determining if someone has cancer. A doctor might recommend an endoscopic biopsy or Fine needle aspiration (F.N.A.) biopsy.



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