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Retrograde Urethrogram Rgu Test

About The Test

What is Urethrogram(RGU)?

A Retrograde Urethrogram (RGU) X-beam is an analytic test that is utilized to take a gander at the urethra for recognizing any primary irregularities, which shouldn't be visible on a typical X-beam.

The urethra is a limited strong cylinder that channels pee from the bladder. This test is generally proposed to men to decide the reason for urethral limiting, which is caused because of amplification of the prostate.


This test is requested to recognize the unfortunate pee stream because of amplification of the prostate, urethral block, and cancers in the urethra.

The manifestations of the tight urethra are horrendous or dull pee, loss of command over the bladder, difficult pee, and agony in the mid-region.


The advantage of the RGU is that it assists with recognizing issues in the urethra and planning the best treatment in light of the area and the degree of restriction. The strategy requires just five minutes.

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