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Ncv Lower Limbs


About the Test

  1. Pregnant women must inform their physician (and the x-ray technician) because radiations could cause harm to the fetus. If necessary, measures can be taken to limit radiation exposure to the fetus.

  2. In the area that will be photographed, you might be required to wear an outfit for the hospital during the scan.


Electromyography (EMG) and Nerve Conduction Velocity (NCV) tests are used for the limbs to assess the nerve activity of those muscles and nerves in the legs and hands.

The EMG test evaluates the muscle's response to electrical stimulation. The NCV test evaluates the speed of nerve impulses' conduction from the legs. The abnormal results could indicate issues of electrical conductivity between muscles and nerves.

What is the Reason NCV ALL FOUR LIMBS completed?

  1. To determine the rate of nerve impulses from the legs.

  2. To measure the electrical conductivity of muscles of the limbs.

  3. To determine the source of neurological or muscular dysfunctions.

  4. To determine the cause of any possible damage to nerves or muscles.


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