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What's an MRCP test?

The MRCP exam is a specialized M.R.I. exam that assesses the pancreatic and hepatobiliary systems, including the gallbladder, liver, pancreas, bile ducts, and pancreatic duct. MRCP stands for Magnetic Resonance Cholangiopancreatography:

Cholangio = bile vessel

Pancreato = pancreas

Image = graphy

An MRCP scan is used to detect abnormalities such as

  • Obstructions or blockages resulting from gallstones

  • The bile duct is awash with stones. in the bile duct

  • Swelling/inflammation

  • Tumor/mass

  • Infections like cholangitis (infection in the bile drain)

An MRCP test could also be conducted to identify the source of pancreatitis or detect abdominal pain that is unanswerable. Furthermore, MRCP is a less painful choice for ERCP, which uses an endoscope and injection via IV of x-ray fluorescent dye and contrast (x-ray pictures).

Concerning the MRCP scan

An MRCP scan will take about twice longer than a standard M.R.I. scan, requiring 10 minutes for MRCP imaging, and around 30-minutes for the abdominal scan. Based on why you're having an MRCP test requested, the IV contrast could be administered in the course of the test.

Certain people might feel claustrophobia while they undergo an M.R.I. Our technologists at Sarwarpro Imaging are certified to ease anxiety and claustrophobia. Oral sedation is also offered at our facilities. 

The additional preparation needed for the MRCP examination includes:

  • Do not eat or drink anything before the time of the exam.

  • Because MRCP is a highly specialized M.R.I. scan, specific security measures for metals must be taken. For more information, please refer to the M.R.I. Metal Safety Checklist.

Following the MRCP test

After your MRCP test, your images will be interpreted (reviewed) by one of our board-certified radiologists who specialize in. The results will be provided to the healthcare professional who has ordered an MRCP scan. The healthcare provider will be in touch with them to talk about the findings and any follow-up treatment or care plans. Screening for head and neck cancer.


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