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ESR(Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate)

About the Test

The erythrocyte swell rate also referred to as ESR, is determined by the speed at which red blood cells (RBCs) get settled in an instrument.

An ESR test is used to measure the degree of inflammation within the body. Certain conditions can result in an abnormal ESR, and the ESR test is usually utilized in conjunction alongside other tests to diagnose and monitor various illnesses.

What is the purpose of the test?

The principal purpose behind the ESR test is to identify an abnormal level of inflammation in the body. ESR tests are used to measure ESR is mainly used to diagnose and monitor various health issues:

  • Diagnose refers to the procedure of determining the root of a patient's symptoms. Since many health conditions could cause the ESR result to show abnormalities, an ESR test by itself cannot diagnose the condition. But when it is coupled with other tests, an ESR test could help detect illnesses, autoimmune diseases, kidney diseases, blood disorders, and other health issues.

  • Monitoring is the process of continuously monitoring a person's health following the diagnosis. An ESR test can be performed frequently to observe how health conditions that cause inflammation change as time passes. It is also a way to assess the patient's reaction to specific diseases.

Each patient should speak with their medical professional to learn more regarding the purpose of the ESR test for their particular situation.

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