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CT Orbit Axial And Coronal Plain

About The Test

What is C.T. Scan Orbit? Axial Cornal Plain?

The Computed Tomography (C.T.) Scan Orbit Axial Cornal Plain Plain is an examination test that creates cross-sectional images of the orbits, eyes, and eye sockets as they are also the soft and bony tissues around them. This image is utilized to visually evaluate and spot any issues in orbits, eyes, and the surrounding tissues.

A doctor prescribes the test to identify any fractures in the orbital bones or eye socket. It is also used to detect any inflammation or infections in the region around the eyes, identify any foreign objects that may be lodged within the eye or socket, and determine whether there are any cancers (abnormal development).

C.T. tests typically use very little radiation, making them somewhat safer than X-rays.

What are the reasons why the C.T. scan Orbit Axial Plain?

* To identify any fractures within or around the bone of the orbit and eye socket

* To identify any foreign objects lodged within the eye socket or the eyes to diagnose any infection or inflammation that may be present surrounding the eyes to detect and diagnose disorders that affect the soft tissue within this region including, e.g., blood vessels, muscles as well as nerves determine any signs of cancers (abnormal growth)


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