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Right Leg AP/LAT Test

About The Test

Preparation for a Test

  1. Pregnant women should tell their doctor and x-ray technician, as radiations can affect the fetus. You can take precautions to reduce radiation exposure to the fetus if necessary.

  2. Depending on the location to be imaged, you may need to wear a hospital gown. You may have to remove your jewellery or other metal objects that might conflict with the image.


What is X-Ray Right Leg AP/LAT View?

A safe and painless way to see the bones and soft tissues of the leg using low radiation is the X-ray. The particular X-ray film is used to capture the image. The X-ray image can be seen in black and white. The X-ray image is black and white. Dense structures, such as bones, appear white, while soft body tissues such as skin and muscles appear darker. Although the actual radiation exposure time is less than one second, the overall test can take 15-20 minutes.

What is the X-Ray Right Leg AP/LAT View done?

  1. Diagnose fractures in the legs and monitor the healing process. The leg area includes the hip, thigh, knee, lower leg, ankle joint, foot, and knee.

  2. Diagnose the infection by looking for osteoporosis, abnormal bone growth, or deformities.

  3. Diagnose any arthritis or dislocations of the legs.

Answers to Patients' Concerns & Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) about X-Ray Right Leg AP LAT View

Q. What are the disadvantages of bone X-rays?

X-rays give you a clear view of your bones. It does not show the soft tissues, such as tendons, muscles, or fat under the skin. The X-Ray images do not show bone microfractures and complex spine injuries. It exposes the patient, but not only that, but the radiations are pretty possible. However, the benefits of an X-ray image far outweigh the radiations.

Q. Who interprets X-ray results

A radiologist interprets an X-ray image. They analyze the image or read it and create a shared report with the patient.

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