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Sarwarpro DIAGNOSTICS, the Digital Mammography Test facility within the Delhi region, concentrates its efforts on high-quality yet affordable Mammography testing and service using large volumes.

Mammograms are x-rayed photographs of breasts. It helps to identify tumours and determine the distinction between non-cancerous (benign) or cancerous (malignant) cancer.

What is the reason why the Mammography Test is Performed?

Mammography can check healthy women for the presence that suggest breast cancer. It also helps examine a woman with signs of breast cancer like a lump in the breast, discharge from the nipple or breast pain, dimpling on the breast's skin or retraction of breast nipple.

Mammogram screening tests can help detect breast cancer that is early which is likely to be treatable.

  • Many, but not all, organizations suggest women undergo breast cancer screening by age 45. It is recommended to have a second mammogram every one to 2 years

  • Every woman over 50 should undergo a screening mammogram every one to 2 years.

Women who had sisters or mothers diagnosed with breast cancer ought to start annual mammograms before the age at which their relative's member was diagnosed. Breast ultrasound can also be used to detect women who are at risk.

Alongside mammography, routine breast examinations (the healthcare professional inspects the breasts with fingers) and monthly self-exams of the breasts are frequently advised.

  • Women who are 20 or older must have a breast exam every three years

  • Women over 45 are required to undergo a diagnostic breast exam at least once a year

These are general guidelines for mammography, breast exams, and breast self-exams is contingent on personal risks, including an extensive background of family members with breast cancer. .

Women should speak with their health care physician about how often they will undergo breast cancer screenings, including mammography and a clinical breast exam.

What are the different types of Mammograms?

1. Screening Mammogram. 

Screening mammograms are breast X-rays used to detect abnormalities in the breast in women who show no indications or signs of cancer in the breast.

It is possible to detect the presence of a tumour that is not identified by a mammography test. The majority of screening mammograms involve two X-rays taken of both breasts.

2. Diagnostic Mammogram.

Diagnostic mammograms are breast X-rays used to detect abnormal breast changes, such as lumps or pain in the breast nipple, thickening of the nipple, discharge, or changes in the breast's shape or size.

It is a fundamental medical test that is useful for detecting breast issues regardless of age. It can also be used to detect abnormalities detected in the screening mammogram.

Tips for Getting a Mammography/Mammogram

  1. Certain women wear a top and pants or a skirt instead of a dress. It is necessary to take your clothing from the waist upwards to get a mammography.

  2. The day before your mammogram, make sure you don't wear perfume or deodorant on your skin. If you do, they could be seen as spots of white on the X-ray.

  3. Avoid mammography tests the week before you start ovulation or during your period. Your breasts could appear tender or swollen after.


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