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Blood Test For Infertility

What is this check?

Infertility profile blood test appears for the hormonal imbalances which can be the motive for infertility in both men and women. This check looks for each infertility male parameters and male parameters.

Infertility Test- Male Parameters:


  • Luteinizing hormone
  • Follicle stimulating hormone
  • Testosterone
  • Semen extent
  • Sperm remember
  • Sperm Motility
  • Sperm concentration
  • Semen pH

Infertility Test- Female Parameters:


  • Luteinizing hormone
  • Prolactin
  • Estradiol
  • Follicle stimulating hormone

Luteinizing hormone (LH):

LH is a gonadotropin hormone produced inside the anterior pituitary gland. It affects the intercourse organs in each ladies and men for the duration of sexual improvement. In girls, LH works with follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) to stimulate the ovarian follicle to produce the girl sex hormone, estrogen.

The upward push in estrogen stimulates the discharge of extra LH. This motive the ovarian follicle to launch the mature egg from the ovary, a system called ovulation and turns the remnants of the follicle into a corpus luteum.

If fertilization happens, the LH stimulates the corpus luteum to produce progesterone. Progesterone is an critical hormone needed to hold being pregnant. If fertilization does no longer arise the tiers of progesterone drop off leading to the beginning of subsequent cycle. Thus this hormone plays an vital role in menstruation, ovulation, and puberty.

In men, LH hormone binds to receptors in Leydig cells gift within the testes. This hormone stimulates the manufacturing of testosterone from these cells which might be essential for the manufacturing of sperms. Therefore, LH plays a primary position in regulating the feature of testes in men.

Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH):

Follicle stimulating hormone is a hormone produced through the pituitary gland. It performs an vital position in sexual improvement. In guys, FSH stimulates the manufacturing of testosterone that is necessary for the manufacturing of sperms. Thus, FSH plays a main role in regulating the feature of testes in men.

This hormone performs an vital role in puberty and fertility. In girls, follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) enables in the boom of ovarian follicle and also stimulate the ovarian follicle to produce the girl sex hormone, estrogen. Thus, this hormone plays an vital role in menstruation, ovulation, and puberty.


This hormone is answerable for male physical traits and referred to as a male sex hormone. This is specially produced by means of the Leydig cells which might be gift inside the male testicles. In the presence of LH handiest, testicles produce testosterone. Testosterone performs an critical position in the facilitation of spermatogenesis. Testosterone stimulates the development of secondary sexual characteristics in men just like the increase of the frame hair, deepening of the voice, expansion of the penis (intercourse organ in guys), muscle improvement.


Prolactin is likewise called PRL or lactogenic hormone and is produced by using the pituitary gland. It has huge-ranging capabilities within the body, from appearing on the reproductive gadget to influencing conduct and regulating the immune gadget. Prolactin helps inside the manufacturing of breast milk in women who're pregnant or breastfeeding. Small quantities of prolactin are produced in each ladies and men that assist to measure the sexual delight in both ladies and men.


Estradiol is a form of estrogen known as as 17 beta-estradiol. It is made by means of ovaries, breasts and adrenal glands. Placenta also makes estradiol during being pregnant. It is the most critical hormone throughout a female’s reproductive years and is needed for reproductive and sexual characteristic. Estradiol is useful inside the increase and improvement of breasts, vagina, fallopian tubes, uterus. It additionally controls the fat distribution in the female body and is crucial for bones and joints health in ladies.

What is infertility?

Infertility is a condition in which an character is not able to get pregnant. It is diagnosed after a pair has attempted to get pregnant for 12 months without fulfillment. Infertility can also be recognized whilst a girl succeeded to get pregnant but has been not able to carry a fetus to time period (miscarriage).

Hormones produced by glands play critical position in fertilization together with the hypothalamus, thyroid gland, and pituitary gland and also lady’s ovaries and a man’s testicles. Age is an crucial factor which plays a role in fertility. Peak fertility in a woman takes place at her early 20’s and declines considerably by way of age 35 or even extra so after age forty.

By the time a lady reaches menopause, few eggs can be to be had or useful. As man a long time, the variety of sperm decreases, at the side of sperm motility, thus decreasing the probabilities of pregnancy. Other age-related troubles are erectile or ejaculation troubles and occasional testosterone and prostate.

Apart from age, the opposite factors that may affect fertility in both males and females are diabetes, overweight or being underweight, exposure to chemicals or toxins, immoderate exercise, dangerous life-style or conduct like smoking, alcohol, or pills, diabetes, and so on.

Why this take a look at is carried out?

This test may be advocated to you to rule out the causes of infertility. This test also enables in choosing an appropriate treatment based totally on the check effects.

Also known as Blood Test For Infertility
Inform your doctor in case you are on any medications, have any hypersensitive reactions or underlying clinical situations before your Egg Quality Test. Your medical doctor will provide precise commands relying to your condition on a way to prepare for Egg Quality Test.

No unique guidance is required for this take a look at.Understanding your check effects
The everyday test results may vary relying on age, health records, clinical condition, etc.

The check results can be interpreted handiest via your doctor based totally for your gender. Hence seek advice from your doctor soon after receiving your lab reports for similarly analysis or scientific intervention.

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