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Barium Swallow Test

A barium swallow is an X-beam assessment of the upper gastrointestinal plot. It includes gulping an answer containing barium sulfate, a metallic compound that is handily envisioned on X-beam pictures. Barium covers the dividers of the pharynx and throat and seems white on the pictures.

It tends to be followed as it travels through the stomach-related framework by playing out a progression of X-beams. A barium swallow can assist with recognizing issues with gulping and analyzing irregularities of the throat and stomach.



Barium swallow test is utilized to analyze the primary or functional irregularities of the upper gastrointestinal lot, for example,


  1. Gulping disorders

  2. Narrowing or bothering of the esophagus

  3. Hiatal hernia,

  4.  a deformity that makes the stomach to some extent slide into the chest

  5. Enlarged esophageal veins

  6. Ulcers

  7. Tumors

  8. Precancerous developments called polyps

  9. Gastroesophageal reflux illness or GERD

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