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  • Dr Harpreet Kaur


    11+ Years exp.

    BPT, MPT Ortho ,MIAP

    (Dwarka - Sarwar Healthcare Pvt Ltd)

    • Dr Sakashi Sharma



      5+ Years exp.

      BPT MIAP

      (Dwarka - Sarwarpro Home Care)

      • Dr Gholam Sarwar



        16+ Years exp.

        BPT, MPT Ortho, MIAP, Doctor of Chiropra

        (Dwarka - Sarwar Healthcare Pvt Ltd)

        • Dr Padam Singh



          9+ Years exp.

          DPT, BPT, MIAP

          (Dwarka - Sarwar Healthcare Pvt Ltd)

          • Dr Abhay Sharma


            5+ Years exp.

            DPT, Reg no. ACI2017170245

            (Dwarka Sector 6 - Sarwar Healthcare Pvt Ltd)

            • Dr. Neeraj Kumar


              6+ Years exp.

              DPT, BPT, Physiotherapist

              (Dwarka - Sarwar Healthcare Pvt Ltd)

              • Dr. Shayada Khatoon


                5+ Years exp.

                BPT, MIAP

                (Dwarka - Sarwar Healthcare Pvt Ltd)

                • Dr. Akshay


                  2+ Years exp.

                  (Delhi - Sarwar Healthcare Pvt Ltd)

                  • DR. CHANDA


                    1+ Years exp.

                    BPT MIAP

                    (Dwarka - Home Physiotherapy)

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                    Who can benefit from physical therapy?

                    In general, everyone can benefit: babies, children, adults and the elderly, and in different physiological situations such as pregnancy or menopause. Your physiotherapist in Dwarka will take into account the possible contraindications or precautions that must be taken in your case.

                    Does physical therapy carry any risk?

                    No, as long as it is carried out by qualified personnel with regulated training. Always trust collegiate physiotherapists in Dwarka.

                    Does it produce side effects?

                    Sometimes, generally after an intense session, soreness may appear in the following 24 - 48 hours.

                    What does a physiotherapy session consist of?

                    On your first visit, a thorough assessment of your problem will be carried out in order to jointly establish recovery objectives and choose the most appropriate treatment for you.

                    It will begin with an anamnesis or interview about your current problem (when it started, what triggered it, what the pain is like...), complementary tests that you can provide (such as MRI reports, X-rays...), relevant medical history (previous injuries) will be studied, major interventions, major illnesses, habitual medication...), habits (exercise, nutritional...), professional occupation and leisure activities. Next, a physical examination of the affected area will be performed.

                    Physiotherapy treatment includes many different techniques and procedures and must be personalized for each case, choosing what is most beneficial. It is comprehensive in nature, treats the injury and also deals with all the factors that trigger or maintain the injury (such as ergonomics and postural hygiene, healthy habits, appropriate footwear, improvement of sports gestures, etc.).

                    In the successive sessions, your condition will be re-evaluated, to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment and to adapt it to your needs.

                    How many sessions will I need and how often?

                    The periodicity of the appointments varies depending on multiple factors: the individual and their characteristics (age, habits, profession, the concurrence of other important pathologies...), the objective of the treatment (preventive, curative, performance improvement...), the alteration or pathology... After your assessment, a personalized plan will be established.

                    How can I know if physiotherapy is the most suitable therapy for me?

                    After assessing your case, you will be informed of what therapeutic options are available to you, both those that are part of physiotherapy and other professionals to whom we will refer you if we deem it appropriate. Physiotherapy is a very broad therapeutic discipline that can respond to a multitude of pathologies or alterations, if not in a curative way, then palliative or mitigating (such as pain control) with which your quality of life is always susceptible to improvement.

                    How long does a treatment session last?

                    It will depend on the initial assessment that is made. It varies depending on the injury, the body segment to be treated, the client's state of health (pathologies, age, fatigue...), the type of therapy chosen, etc.

                    I am pregnant, can I go to the physiotherapist?

                    Of course, you can benefit from a multitude of physiotherapy techniques. You only have to indicate that you are pregnant to take certain precautions and establish a personalized plan according to your case. In pregnant women, it is very common for back and neck pain to appear, carpal tunnel syndrome, and swollen and heavy legs... We can help you avoid these alterations or treat them, if they have already appeared, so that you can fully enjoy your pregnancy.

                    When I have a lot of pain or inflammation, can I be treated or do I have to wait?

                    Yes, a pathology or alteration can be treated from its first phase, although with different measures and techniques that are adapted according to evolution. Starting an assessment and early treatment will help your recovery to be faster, control pain, reduce your stress, and understand what is wrong with you and what you can do to help in your recovery. You are in the hands of professionals who know what is beneficial and what is not convenient to do.

                    I have other major illnesses and I regularly take medication. Can I be treated with physiotherapy?

                    Yes, but remember to tell your physiotherapist in Dwarka so that the treatment can be adapted to those circumstances. It is especially important to indicate if you have an external defibrillator or pacemaker, some type of prosthesis or nails, are on anticoagulant treatment, have allergies (topical and latex), etc. 

                    How should I make an appointment?

                    We always work by appointment. To request yours, you can call +918595494368.

                    Is there the possibility of home treatment?

                    Yes, we offer a home treatment service, facilitating our services to the elderly, people with reduced mobility or people who have difficulty getting to our facilities. We have portable materials, such as ultrasound, electrostimulation, IR, etc., which allow us to carry out the same techniques at home as in our facilities.